Your speech coach to help you

The art and science of speech coaching

Combining the power of storytelling with speech pathology expertise, I help you deliver your message from a place of confidence, not fear.

“I could even hear your voice in my head on how to hold my body, how to manage my breath, and how to get myself to the perfect, centred space where I was able to deliver the message.”

More than simply Speech Coaching

Something is keeping you from communicating as your confident self. I’m here to help you change that. On the surface, I help you craft and deliver your message through stories to tell your listeners, but woven within that process is deep, internal work connected to. the stories you tell yourself.

I’ll help you find the courage to deliver your next presentation, nail your next interview, or host your next podcast with clarity and a calm confidence.

As a speech pathologist from 1994 to 2022, the science of speech and the function of the human voice are foremost in my coaching. As a Narrative Coach, the inner work plays an equally important role. Together, we can answer the questions about how you see yourself as a speaker, find out what stories you have to tell, and help get whatever is holding you back out of the way. Then, you can have the courage to be fully yourself when sharing your words with the world: this world that desperately needs your unique voice.

Let’s figure out how to work together: