Ten minutes to a TED-style Talk

Let’s call it an InsTED Talk! I used otter.ai to transcribe a testimonial by one of my clients, then asked ChatGPT to “write a TED-style presentation” based on it. The video below is the conclusion of the presentation.
I have to admit, the writing was….not awful! It even gave me specific suggestions for slides!

No, it wasn’t super creative—it clearly needed editing, story crafting, rewriting in words that sound more like me, and practice so the delivery is from the heart—but what a quick, easy way to get started on a presentation! Ten minutes!!

Steps to unblock your presentation writing:

1. Find content that represents what you have to present on. (I used a testimonial recording that I had otter.ai transcribe.)

2. Copy that into a conversation with ChatGPT and ask it to create a ‘Ted-style presentation’ from it.

3. Boom. You’ve started.