Mary Houle, M.Sc.

I’m an Executive Speech Coach in Ottawa, Canada. Combining speech science with the art of storytelling, I help leaders convey their message with ease and conviction. On the surface, I help people craft and deliver the words they say, and woven within that process is big, internal work connected to identity. With almost 30 years of experience in the field, I earned my Master of Science degree in the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Speech Sciences at the University of British Columbia. A registered speech pathologist from 1994 to 2022, my speech coaching clients include leaders from CSIS, Shopify, Public Policy Forum, MDS Financial, NRC, the Liberal Party of Canada, ONE.org, Health Canada and the Canadian Parliament, among many. My approach to elevating voices is grounded in science and executed with humanity: combining a spirit of empathy, an appreciation of humour, and a love of great writing.

My partners in the journey:

Adele Fedorak, M.A. 

Adele has been working and exploring story for over 25 years. Her current practice is a unique integration of 3 different disciplines:  narrative coaching, language development, and leadership. It’s proven to be an extremely useful approach to harvesting our stories for insights and wisdom meant to assist us in navigating our life’s journey.
Adele is a Certified Narrative Coach and a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach. She has a Master of Arts degree in Speech-LanguagePathology (with a special interest in narrative development in children) and a post-graduate certificate in Personal Leadership in the Public Sector from Royal Roads University. She’s a story genius. (That last note was Mary’s.)

Sarra Ismail, M.Sc.

Sarra is a Training professional with over 15 years experience working in multicultural workspaces. Growing up in 3 different countries, a Black, Muslim, neurodivergent, immigrant woman, Sarra has used her experience and insight to support and coach clients, colleagues, friends, and family on ways to hack communication obstacles that immigrants can face in the workplace. Sarra is passionate about creating and fostering safe spaces at work and elsewhere for those with less privilege. Also, she’s hilarious. (Last note, also Mary’s.)