Accent Clarity

cheeky maryWe all have an accent. When your accent is unfamiliar to those around you, it can sometimes lead to miscommunication. A quick chat with Mary can help you determine if there might be something you can do to make your speech easier for your listeners to receive. Often the problem is not yours, (biases are alive and well in Canada) and she’ll tell you that, too. There are many factors that can affect speech clarity: rate, expressiveness, or articulatory precision. Some languages have sounds and prosody (stress, rhythm and intonation) that are so different from Canadian English that it can help to work on these things: consonants and vowels, sentence stress, rhythm and intonation, or even voice quality.

There are sometimes features of an accent that can make a person hard to understand, but there are many features of an accent that simply highlight your rich life experience. Mary can help you figure out which is which. With the goal being intelligibility (not nativeness), she will help you identify the specific features of your speech that are keeping you from delivering your message with clarity. One-on-one or small group sessions can provide you with the tools to speak more confidently and help ensure that your message is heard the first time you say it.

See an example of Accent Clarity here.

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