what about you, maryMary earned her Master of Science degree in the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Audiology and Speech Sciences at the University of British Columbia in 1994. She is a certified member of CASLPO and a registered member of SAC. She is constantly pursuing additional education in her field in order to provide the highest quality, evidence-based service to her clients. Through the following courses, she has aimed to grow her knowledge and experience in voice disorders and production:  Principals of Voice Production, Dr. Ingo Titze, Vocology Program at the National Centre for Voice and Speech. The Voice, Art and Science, NYU Steinhardt. International Voice Symposium, NYU Jan. 2014. Laryngeal manipulation and massage with Jacob Lieberman. Mary began her pursuit of best practices in Accent Reduction through an initial course with Arthur Compton in 1996, and furthered that knowledge through additional training with Wendy Duke at Columbia Speech and Language Services in Vancouver, then with Bonnie Gross at SpeechScience in Toronto, and now years of experience with clients in this area. Mary applies her knowledge and experience to clients wanting to gain mastery in public speaking, the application of her clinical experience to this area giving her a unique insight into the art of expression. She is also a really good writer, if she does say so herself. (Awkwardly, and seemingly in the third person.)