Brave Acts Corner

I ask my clients to be brave in many ways every day. Here’s where I dare to practice what I preach, and just put it out there. Imperfection for the win!

This is a story I put together for my storytelling group with Adele Fedorak. Such a great way to practice and deliver stories, and Adele is magical. Brace yourself for this one, though. I had to.

And on a less serious note … jokes!

In the spirit of rejecting perfection and lowering the bar, I bring you jokes. They’re not mine, they’re not perfect, but I’m putting myself out there. I invite you to do the same.

Every time you step up to a microphone, put yourself in front of a camera, speak up when you feel compelled but nervous, it gets easier. Soon you’ll be ready to deliver your big message. Baby steps.

And if you need extra support, I can help. My favourite thing to do is to help people be heard.

What did the pirate say…?

When asked to explain what I do in a minute, I came up with this one, delivered live:

Another one-minute explainer, this one recorded:

Aaaand…more jokes….

What’s the best thing about…?

How do you throw…?

What do you call a rooster…?

Aaaand more jokes…

Did you hear about the two people…?

What did one hat…?

I invented a new word.

Why can’t you explain puns…?

Where are average things…?

Did you hear about the mathematician…?

What do you call a…?