Canadian Conversations

So many people I’ve worked with in the last year have said they long for the opportunity to just chat, shoot the breeze, connect with others. These are the conversations that used to happen in our workplace hallways.

Still others have said they need a place to practice the speech skills they’ve learned: from accent clarity to expressiveness to becoming a better listener. In the speech pathology world, it’s called generalization: carrying over skills to the everyday conversation level.

Well, here it is: Canadian Conversations. Set aside 30 minutes, twice a week, to engage with other humans. In the first 10 minutes of our time together, I’ll set the stage. Then, you’ll join a small group to chat and apply your speech skills to a rich conversation.

Guidance will be offered if there are any lulls.

If you’ve been missing this informal (but profound) connection to people, contact me here to join. Try it out. The first week is free, then you can apply to become a member of our conversation community.