Coaching Services

Focused Coaching Package:                                  4 one-hour sessions:       $949  +HST

A short-term, targeted approach to the speech delivery skills that will set you up for clear, confident communication in your public speaking engagements. In this time together, we will focus on the most pressing features of your delivery that are most needed for a calm, confident performance in your next speech, presentation, interview, panel appearance, podcast or video performance. Features that are targeted are customized to your needs, and can include: optimal breath source, speech clarity, sentence rhythm, intonation and speech rate; addressing identity in how you see yourself as a communicator; script writing* and story gathering to elevate your performance.
Coaching Commitment:                                    9-month contract:         $600/month +HST

A commitment to real change for powerful, grounded, clear and confident communication This work is designed to address long-term communication barriers to get you fully confident as a communicator. It’s a deep dive into what’s keeping you from being heard, using a Narrative Coaching approach combined with voice training, story gathering and storytelling. We will uncover your clearest, most confident voice so that you can deliver your most powerful, confident message in any speaking context. Become the communicator you know you’re capable of being.
The retainer includes, but is not limited to:
● Two scheduled 60-minute coaching sessions per month.
● Emergent short coaching sessions between scheduled times for speaking opportunities.* 
● Support for daily gathering of story moments.