Inside Out Speech Coaching (Ongoing)

On the surface, Mary helps people craft and deliver the words they say, but woven within that process is big, internal work connected to identity.

An ongoing commitment to coaching is for people who feel that the way they present themselves to the world doesn’t reflect their fullest, most realized identity. As a narrative coach specializing in public speaking, Mary’s mission for her clients is to help them find the words that highlight their gifts to the world, and at the same time to uncover how those gifts are evolving through the stories they tell themselves. This work is designed to help them reconfigure their stories, resolve their issues and fulfill their aspirations.

Whether your concerns are at the most concrete, fundamental level of speech clarity or at the highest, most symbolic level of expression through storytelling and metaphor, Mary will meet you where you are at in your communication, and help you advance to the next level. She combines her 28 years of experience in the science of speech pathology and her experience in narrative coaching with a deep empathy and insight into the human experience.

Interested in getting rid of those inner doubts so you can bring your gifts to the world? Get in touch: