Lower the Bar

When I first heard the quote “Perfection is the enemy of good,” it really hit home. So, in the spirit of lowering the bar, here is the first of a short series: Just Put Yourself Out There.

In the world of public speaking, the more you just put yourself out there, the easier it becomes.

I recently came across an old series of videos of myself. I’m telling bad jokes that I didn’t write. I probably thought they weren’t good enough to put out there. I was obviously right, but posting a video of myself has been a hill I have struggled to climb. For me, getting behind a microphone is no great feat anymore, because I’ve done it a lot. I have strategies that I teach, and I practice what I preach so I know they work. But posting a video on the interwebs has been a challenge. I keep letting things get in the way; I need a better microphone, better lighting, perfect script, makeup, hair…. The list goes on and on, and another day goes by and my videos don’t make it out there.

So here I am showing perfection the door, big time.

This took everything out of me to post. Please please laugh.

Even just a little.

These jokes are not perfect. Hell, they’re barely funny. But there will be more. In fact, there are 11 more.

I invite you to find out where the pursuit of perfection is holding you back. Maybe the world needs to hear your big ideas.

Or just your bad jokes.

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