Speech Coaching

On the surface, I help speakers craft and deliver the words they say, but woven within that process is profound, internal work connected to identity.

The most impactful communicators are rooted in self awareness. Once you connect to deep-down-you, you can speak clearly because it comes from a place of humility and confidence. You can find “skills” in many places, but I will help you identify some essential truths that may be holding you back. It’s important and sometimes difficult work, but it’s also an absolute blast.

Imagine the most powerful and memorable communicator you admire. They didn’t get there alone.

Vocal register, speech rate, breath support, voice pitch, intonation. Pausing, articulation, sentence stress, and rhythm — these are all measurable and adjustable. When adjusted, it may just mean the difference between simply being listened to and actually being heard. This is where speech science meets art.Having been a speech pathologist from 1994 to 2022, the science of the voice is foremost in my coaching.

Now, as Narrative Coach Practitioner, the identity layer of the work plays an even bigger role. Together, we can answer the questions about who you are as a speaker, and what might be holding you back.

And like all things that we are good at, practice helps. The right kind of practice helps even more. Even Obama practiced. I know, because I asked one of his speech writers.

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