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Accent Clarity Course

“I’m not worried about my accent anymore. I have an accent, yes, but it doesn’t get in the way of my communication.”

I recently had a client return to me for speech coaching. He had previously completed this Accent Clarity Small Group course but now he wanted to become an even more dynamic and compelling speaker in his interactions with his own clients. I couldn’t have received a greater professional compliment than knowing that his accent was no longer a source of insecurity for him. Do you feel that your accent is getting in the way of your message? Let’s not get rid of your accent, but let’s get rid of that feeling, KEEP the parts of your accent that define you, that represent your rich life history, and tweak only the features that impact clarity.

The goal is to get you confident that your message will be received. Part of that confidence is learning what is not clear in your delivery, and what is clear and not your problem, but your strength.

Announcing the next Accent Clarity small group class: Tuesday evenings from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm EST on January 11, 18 and 25.

Cost: $349 +HST

Contact Mary to reserve your spot or get more information:

(613) 864-2370 or maryhoule@pronounced.ca

Delivered online via Zoom. No more than 4 in a group for individualized attention.

4.5 hours of instruction (over $800 value)

Week 1: Word stress and Consonants 1.5 hrs An introduction to the sound system of English. This class tunes your ears in to speech sounds, how they’re produced, and how—precisely and specifically—how your delivery differs from a Canadian English delivery. You’ll learn that most of those differences have no impact on clarity, despite your fears otherwise.

Week 2: Sentence stress and Vowels 1.5 hrs. Sentence stress is THE easiest way to instantly increase your speech clarity and delivery a more powerful message. Many of my clients can’t believe they were never taught this before.

Week 3: Intonation, Reducing speaking anxiety, adding Confidence 1.5 hrs. These features and techniques are ones that I teach to all my clients for a more dynamic, expressive and confident delivery of their message, whether they grew up in Canada, Nigeria, France or Russia. I use them myself in public speaking engagements, and in everyday conversations.

Call (613) 864-2370 or email maryhoule@pronounced.ca