Wednesday 12:00pm EST

Women talking, women listening

Join us for a weekly one-hour opportunity to hang out on Mary’s kitchen couch.

Share a story, hear a story. Say a thing, hear a thing. It’s how we most easily communicate. This is your playing ground to say things out loud, to workshop your ideas and stories.

Presentation introductions, story examples, panel questions, life questions: bring it all.

Speech coach Mary Houle will bring her 30 years of experience, giving those who talk one thing* to think about. Whether it’s your delivery, your content, your voice or your body language, she’ll find lots to celebrate, and one thing to improve.

*Because one thing is all anyone can really handle, and all you really need.

Don’t want to talk? No problem, just listen. Only those who talk pay for the session. If you manage to find your voice to share something, Mary will send you an invoice for $25.

If no one wants to talk, Mary will share something. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire you to share.

This world needs more women talking.

Want to join? Send your email. We’ll verify your humanity, then send you an invitation to hang out with us on the kitchen couch for lunch on Wednesdays.